"To control our destiny as our elders before us; in caring for Wuthathi country, culture and community"


Untouched Wilderness

Our land has significant natural and cultural value. There are important and significant cultural heritage and sacred sites over Wuthathi country. Wuthathi country is of the highest conservation value and has unique biodiversity. The landscape is has a high degree of natural integrity and is in prime condition because of its remoteness and limited clearing and grazing.

There a range of landscapes on Wuthathi country including:

  • Heathlands
  • Wetlands
  • Rainforests and
  • Savannahs

Wuthathi country is known for its Sandstone Geology and one of Australia’s highly developed and spectacular sand dunes. These tropical dune systems are internationally significant and are the last remaining landscape of its type in Australia in an undisturbed condition.

Distinct plant and areas of nationally rare vegetation communities also have been identified in the region.

Sea Country

Our Sea country has the most significant green zone within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The region sustains a diverse natural environment with substantial fisheries. There are many species of seagrass that provide a habitat for prawns and sh and food for dugongs and turtles.

Wuthathi sea country has some of the most significant Green turtle and Dugong habitats in Australia. Raine Island is also the largest Green Turtle breeding site in the country. Our country is also known for its extensive salt pans, coastal fringing reefs and large mangrove communities.

Sea country management is our priority. Our long-term goals are to use the cultural protocols of hunting in combination with Marine Park Protocols to ensure dugong and turtle populations are managed.

Natural Habitat

Raine Island is an untouched wilderness on the northern Great Barrier Reef which is identified as the largest rookery in the world for the green turtle with upwards of 15,000 females having been recorded attempting to nest at the one time along the approximately 1.8km of beach. 

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