Mintha Kuntha Wuthathi Ngaachi

Strong Healthy Wuthathi Country

Our Vision

To control our own destiny as our Elders before us, in caring for Wuthathi People, Country and Culture.

Under the guidance of our Elders, and through our abiding connections to our Ancestors, we are the custodians of Wuthathi Ngaachi and Karakara.

Our obligations as Wuthathi People are to care for and protect our Ngaachi and Karakara under our Wuthathi Kincha Lore, ensuring our Totems including Ya’awa, Gaida, Kingfish and Cha-Ra are in good health.

Ensuring we care for Ngaachi Mantala (Wuthathi Places) and Karakara today and into the future.

Our Mission

Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation and Wuthathi Traditional Owners will protect and preserve our land and sea, and keep our culture and traditional way strong. We continue our traditional connections to Ngaachi (Country) and Karakara (Sea) through our cultural practices. 

Having people back on Ngaachi improves our quality of life, closes the gap and heals us. 

As Wuthathi People, we manage our Ngaachi and Karakara in accordance with our Kincha Lore, Custom and traditional knowledge. Through strong Ngaachi-based programs we care for our Cultural Sites and Storyplaces to maintain long - term protection of the cultural and environmental values of our Ngaachi and Karakara without compromising our rights.

Our aim is to be financially independent, establish infrastructure and businesses, and for Wuthathi people to live and work permanently on our Ngaachi. We will establish successful working partnerships which combine conservation and development aims in looking after our Ngaachi and Karakara, with partners who respect and value our way of working.